Escape From Evil Island

Escape from Evil Island is a level-based platformer that comes from the fond nostalgia I have for old DOS platformers like the Commander Keen, Crystal Cave, and Secret Agent series. There is the tiniest dash of “RPG elements” in the form of money and shops (including some passes that grant access to optional levels), but the overall progression is basically just working your way across the map.

You stow away on a ship bound for Evil Island, headquarters of the internationally-beloved Evil Corp – you have a suspicion that they’re not the upstanding and philanthropic corporation they portray to the media. Unfortunately, before you even set foot on the island, you’re discovered by the crew and thrown in the brig.

When the ship docks, nobody ever comes to get you. Without the watchful eye of the guard, you escape your prison easily. This was a minor setback, but you’ll find out what Evil Corp is really up to, and figure out how to Escape From Evil Island!

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(Available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux (including Steam Deck!))