Devlog 2021-03-14

  • Added wall climbing
  • Added block pulling
  • Made a floor switch that clicks down when the player steps on it or puts a block on it
  • Added push/pullable block constraints
  • Broke wall climbing somehow
  • Fixed wall climbing

Unfortunately screenshots don’t demonstrate most of these super well, but I’ll do what I can.

Wall Climbing

I can now define an area as climbable. If you push against the top or bottom of it, you’ll switch to climbing mode (which currently does not have different art) and you will be able to climb around on the surface. It’s a bit jittery and weird and I haven’t fully put it through its paces so I’ll have to revisit it at some point, but it’s working for now.

Block Pulling

I’m not making a sokoban game. I don’t necessarily want or need to derive a lot of difficulty from constraining exactly how the player can move blocks around, so some (most?) of the time I’m going to want to allow them to pull blocks when they’re able to push them. This will cut down on the possibility for the player to get stuck on puzzles; it’ll also severely curtail the actual allowable difficulty for the puzzles, so it’s something I can toggle individually for a block.

While I was at it I also made it so you can toggle pushability as well, so I can have pull-only blocks. The screenshot may be a little hard to parse, but that block has a sort of debug-graphics black bar that stretches into the wall; when you let go of it, the whole thing will slowly retract back into the wall.

Floor Switch

Having step events (as described last post) isn’t new, so this isn’t that novel, but it’s got a satisfying click to it when you step on it, and it visually changes to show it’s depressed. More importantly, the block can also push it down (but it’s even harder to get a meaningful screenshot of that than it was with the player stand-in sprite).

Block Constraints

I am able to add solid obstructions to a pushable block that constrains it from moving. These constraints are in addition to any normal solid walls, but they don’t block the player (or any other entity) from moving around. The dark polygons on the ground below both blocks in the above screenshots are just visible polygons to help me ensure they’re working correctly, the space constraint obstructions are normally invisible.

That’s All!

That’s it for this week. After the debacle of last week’s collision stuff (and the knowledge (which turned out to be correct) that I would have to delve back into it a bit for this stuff), I kind of dragged my feet on getting into it this week. I’ve got a few more map-interaction “primitives” like this stuff that I need to build, and a few that are on my “maybe” list, and then I’m mostly left with a few small features, a bug list, and “actually building out the story”. I’m looking forward to getting to that part.