The House

The House is a short, mildly spooky (or at least, mildly uneasy) interactive fiction game. I wrote it for Halloween in 2015 but never quite put the finishing touches on it for a few years afterward.

You have been walking for hours, now. You’re tired enough at this point that you barely remember what you set out to do… you only have vague recollections of a car on the side of the road. Of course, gas. You needed some gasoline to keep going, and you set out to find someone who could help.

The controls are fairly standard IF – type “help” in the game for more information. At the top of the screen, the name of the current room and all possible (obvious) exits are listed.

The game automatically saves your progress in your browsers Local Storage; if you clear your browser data you may lose your game. It should be impossible to get completely stuck, but if you do want to restart, then simply enter “restart” as your command in the game.

Play in-browser at