Alice is Dead: Hearts & Diamonds

A complete HD remake, and retelling of the classic Alice is Dead Flash game trilogy, brought back to life by the series' original creators! This Hearts and Diamonds edition will be the definitive version of these stories, lacing together the larger lore and stories that were crafted over multiple years through its original development.

Alice is Dead is a grim, twisted fantasy set in Wonderland. This classic noire series has you working to discover who you are, who killed Alice, and (most of all) how to escape Wonderland.

Alice is Dead somewhat infamously left the story on a major cliffhanger. Our goal with Alice is Dead: Hearts and Diamonds is to release an episodic series of mysterious point & click adventures, that expand the gameplay and lore of the original games - and explore this twisted version of Wonderland with a greater depth that millions of fans have been seeking for over a decade!

Alice is Dead was originally on Newgrounds as a series of Flash games. I’ve been friends with the original creators for years (and a fan of the series as well!) When it came time to do a modern remake and overhaul of the game, I was happy to sign on to help them build it. So far it’s been a blast to revisit the old games, update them, and add a few new twists along the way.

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