Fighting It

New version of Geas with all the changes I’ve made in the last few months since I’ve posted properly, including a battle system that sort of “works” but is incredibly simplistic and not especially fun.

Download this week’s alpha release of Geas!


Quite a bit has changed but it’s not immediately obvious. Hit F1 to start a fight with some slimes. Esc exits the battle immediately, or you can just defeat the slimes. Only Attack is implemented, and anything else will just waste your turn.

I’ve also added a console that is currently not terribly useful but will be eventually, in theory. Since it was written to be included in KISSKISS it should be relatively simply to drop into any project, which means that we now have a (rather “feature light”) console for VergeLua now. You can open the console by hitting Tab.

The other somewhat-interesting thing is that, yet again, I am using the newest version of the Verge executable, which is more up to date than the last official V3 release. This exe allows a couple of interesting things that Overkill has added and I haven’t tried out yet, like allowing you to pass functions directly to the Hook* functions, instead of just string function names. It also allows you to use (some) control character escape sequences like \n and \f in VergeC, so font subsets are available to the VergeC-using masses again.

If you want to get just the newly compiled verge.exe, you can get it right here. If you do try it out with your project, please let me know how it goes, especially if you encounter any bugs.