Lamest Update Yet

So! I discovered while unnecessarily mucking around with my menu system in an effort to further procrastinate on building my battle system that colour filters were broken in Verge3. I decided that as my update, I’d fix whatever the problem was and post it up for the whole world to see.

So I got to work. After two weeks here’s what I’ve discovered:

  • The internal colour filter functions LOOKED like they were still working all right.
  • ColorFilter still worked when called from VergeC.
  • I updated to the latest commit in the SVN repository and HookRetrace, etc. stuff was broken because Overkill was working on callback stuff.
  • ACTUALLY updated to the ACTUAL latest commit and HookRetrace was just fine.
  • If I rewrote code to directly call stuff inside of the v3 table instead of going through vx, then it seemed okay.
  • I was using vx's ColorFilter wrappers entirely boneheadedly wrong.

So yeah it wasn’t actually broken! Great, huh?

Anyway so I’m back to working on the battle system now. I’m having problems with blitting entity frames but I’m sure I’ll just discover in two weeks that I’m doing it wrong.