Overworld Sprites and Thought Processes

A few small graphical updates this week. Nothing new enough to warrant screen shots.

Download this week’s alpha release of Geas!

Tanessa’s overworld sprite is finished. I messed with the animations a bit (on both their sprites) and I think they look better now. That’s all that’s really new in the zip. Also in the last few days I have been writing a bit to myself about combat system stuff, and worrying out some details for upcoming stuff. I also have started work on another NPC sprite to make Shoda’s Brook a little less empty.

Unfortunately, my next week is going to be super busy so I probably won’t really get a lot of time to work on fun stuff until Friday or Saturday. This is why I am posting now, a few days early, rather than waiting until Wednesday or whenever. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to get some work done that I can actually show off.