Engine Tinkering

Hi everyone.

I don’t have pretty pictures or a downloadable thing today, sorry. I don’t really have the time before I need to go sleep to get that stuff together, and I’d like to do some bug-hunting and graphics clean up before I release what I’ve got done. So I’ll talk about it instead. With bullet points.

On the Geas front, since the last actual update I have accomplished the following:

  • The interiors of Shoda's Brook are basically complete. By "basically complete" I mean that I have pretty close to all of the tiles done that I need, but they aren't stocked with people or actual useful treasure chests or anything like that.
  • I've added a map exit to the overworld map. You can't get back in yet, because the overworld is still very rough. Getting it in a good state, at least for the area around Shoda's Brook, is my next step.
  • I've updated my internal code to use [vx](http://www.bananattack.com/vx/Main_Page) instead of my own wrappers. I'm interested in reducing library splintering so I thought it best to switch now rather than later.

Okay, maybe I can include one picture. This is a frame from Kiel’s overworld sprite. Isn’t she adorable?

Anyway, on the not-just-Geas front, I’ve also experienced a renewed interest in fixing Verge so I’ve been trying to put time into bug destroying and that sort of thing.

  • Fixed an issue with the updated Script Engine which was throwing errors when you correctly wrote to a global engine var.
  • Fixed an optimization so that it a) was actually an optimization and b) didn't prevent you from clearing the screen.
  • Made some miscellaneous fixes to some problems in newly-introduced code involving images with alpha channels (which aren't fully implemented yet sorry).
  • Sprites now use a std::vector for storage instead of a static array, so we no longer have a hard limit for number of sprites at a time. I want to do this for entities too but I haven't gotten around to it (it's a bit trickier).

So anyway! The upshot is that even though I haven’t posted about Geas in months I am feeling pretty good about the last week. I hope to have this trend continue.