Preliminary Smithing

A little bit of new art and map stuff.

Download this week’s Geas alpha!

Check out the blacksmith’s. This is somewhat southeast of your starting position, and has a sign with a hammer on it over the door.


Blargh. Tired.

I would have liked to get more done but this weekend was busy and I ended up wasting a bunch of time on map editors. When I accidentally clicked outside the map area in maped3 with the flood fill tool and it crashed, I figured it was time to try out Maped Prime. Prime is cool … but Ioachim seems to have (temporarily I hope) taken out the copy/paste tool. I use this tool extensively so it sort of rendered it a pointless exercise for me. Toss in some extra time thinking I had to compile it myself and having an incompatible version of Visual Studio and you have me not getting around to actually working on Geas until late.