Spritely Prancing

Finished the female villager. She and the male villager now follow you around, watching your every move.

Download this week’s Geas alpha!

Sorry guys, I meant to get more map art done as well but I got a late start and my weekend was more unproductive than a … thing that is very unproductive.


Still no final decisions on my code woes from last week. It is almost always appealing to me to rewrite something from scratch but I am trying to be very good and do that as little as possible.

Hey, I just discovered half a glass of water here. I should drink it.

Anyway, I have also been reading a bit lately over at The Brainy Gamer. Since my post is uninteresting and boring this week, you should go read those articles instead. Especially if you are interested in game development yourself.

Also, hey, does anyone know of a video screen capture program that is a) free and b) doesn’t put watermarks on the video and c) doesn’t suck? I realize that’s a tall order but please let me know if you’re aware of any such project.