Nostalgic Endeavours

Sadly, no Geas today. Free time is spotty these days. Instead I’m going to do some rambling about other stuff that I’ve been working on. Just ignore my post this week if you don’t feel like reading it. I’ll have more Geas next week.

First of all, I’m sure most people I talk to are sick of hearing about this, but there’s a pretty cool project I’ve been working on at work. It involves doing some lightweight electronics stuff which I haven’t really done before. It’s good fun. Here’s a video of it:

The other thing I’ve been working on a lot is less practical and more nostalgia-laden for me.

When I was young I spent quite a bit of time on MUDs (notably Ancient Anguish and Age of Insanity. I also, at the urging of a friend, spent a lot of time on MicroMuse. A few years ago, some university friends and I set up a MOO (basically a MUSH-style system, but a Perl-based, object-oriented scripting language). It was fun.

So I’m writing one.

I’ve always said I wanted to write and/or run a MUD. I realize that, from the point of view of recognition and revenue-generation, it’s basically useless. But! As a programming exercise it raises some interesting issues. It has a simple TCP server, multiple threads that need to communicate, keeping a database up to date with concurrent connections, modifiable code, and so on and etc. So I figured I may as well give it a go. I’ve had starts on MUD engines before but I’m approaching the point where I’m a little further ahead than ever before, at least in some aspects.

Once the MUDthing is a little more stable and playable I will certainly post connection information. You can wait with bated breath now if you feel that you must.

Anyway, that was my week.