Not Even a Chair

That’s right, I didn’t even manage to make a chair this week! What I did manage, though, was to put in preliminary functionality for chests and other “search a spot and get an item” sorts of things, stuck in doors that open when you walk through them (including sound effect), and added speech portraits.

Download this week’s Geas alpha!

I also drew a table. There are now interiors to the two houses just south of the store.


Okay, let’s run down the new things for this update:

The doors are a simple “walk on this tile, change the tiles in a certain layer”. Nothing particularly exciting.

The chests go a different route than I usually do, and one that I think is more sound in the long run. Before I’ve just manually checked each chest at map entry and modified it as needed, telling myself that eventually I’d come up with a better idea. This time, I created a “chest registry” which lets me just, at map entry, call geas.registerChests(), passing it a list of chests on the map and where they are. It will automatically update them so they are opened if necessary, and that sort of thing.

The speech portrait for Kiel is a place holder than I drew by mouse quickly to have some art to stick in. If nothing else it needs to be redrawn so that it isn’t so big; I think it takes up too much screen real estate when someone is talking. Anyway, it’s easy for me to use – I just toss an image with a name like speech_name.png in res/portraits, and it loads them all. When I call a speechbox, I give it a name, “kiel” or “kiel_sad” for instance, and it uses that loaded portrait.

See you next week.