A Little Village

I worked on Geas quite a bit this week. Possibly more than I should have, but there you are. Most of the work this week was on new tile graphics, some of which I jumped the gun and showed off on the Verge forums. I also did work on the first bits of the GUI part of my code.

Download the most recent build.

Check stuff out around the store. Nothing else is hooked up to scripting, but it might be kind of fun to wander around?


Not really a whole lot to discuss. I think I’m starting to get a lot more comfortable with pixeling things, and working at this size makes it go a lot faster.

I still have a couple of fairly important features for the out-of-doors of Shoda’s Brook to do, most notably being trees and a river. As you might guess, the village has a brook flowing through it. Less obviously, it is on the outskirts of a big forest so I’d like to have trees on the edges of town.

As for coding, I took a lot of inspiration but not a whole lot of direct code from my old GUI stuff (which I think is actually still in the build’s src directory). I did some cleaning up and refactoring-ish activities and I am happy with how it’s coming. The plan, as it stands now, is to have something resembling a library for use in other games. I might even be convinced to go ahead and write a tutorial in its use, and in the use of luaVerge in general.

That’s a way off in the future now, though.