Devlog 2021-10-17

  • Spent several weeks in a useless funk
  • Roughed in the final map (of the game, not the final one to rough in)
  • Rebuilt an old one-hour compo game

Da Funk

I’ve been pretty burned out on just about everything lately. It hasn’t been fun, and it’s been even less productive, so I haven’t really had anything to say on here for a while. I can’t really say it’s “over” either, but I’m hoping that I’m starting to see the end of it – or at least maybe I can find a way to be productive anyway. I know that sounds like I’m just a workaholic, but truth is that this stuff is what I do to feel good about things. If I’m not working on some creative project for too long, things get dark, so I’m trying to avoid going and further down that road.

Sorry! I know that’s vague and depressing, so I’m hoping I can talk about more positive things now!

The Climax

I actually did manage, last weekend, to do some more rough map drafting. I drew out the final area of the game, the peak of Black Mountain itself. Those of you who played the original Journey to Black Mountain might remember this as the place where Kiel finally meets the Phoenix! I don’t really want to completely spoil things at this point, but that is still true in this version of the game, but the specifics of it are very different.

I’ll need to review notes and such to be sure, but I think I have one more required dungeon area to draw out, a number of interiors for the abandoned town area of Black Mountain, and then a handful of miscellaneous things to finish or fix up for various maps, and then I can actually build out the beginning-to-end maps for the draft version game. After that will be starting to fill in the story and actual stuff in the maps.

A(nother) Detour

A couple months ago I talked about how things were wearing me down, and how I was working on SimpleQuest 2 as a way to deal with some of the burn out on my large game. Perhaps it escaped your notice, but I decided to take a break from building the content out for a large game by building content out for a different large game. This is extremely on-brand for me, but also not very useful.

I was thinking back to the Crappy Games Xplosion of yesteryear, and realized that 16 years ago I could knock out a (bad) game in an hour. I have learned a lot about making software since then but I don’t think I’ve ever felt as comfortable with a game engine since Verge 3 – comfort defined as “being able to knock out prototypes very quickly” – not even the engine I built with my own two hands.

So this time, in an attempt to shake myself out of the rut, I instead opted to go in the other direction. I’m going to challenge myself to make crappy games, but quickly, and hopefully in great quantity, and I’m using Godot to do it. It’s not exactly “making progress” on Black Mountain but as you may have noticed I haven’t been making any progress anyway so I may as well try to hone my skill and familiarity with the tool that I’m using.

To that end, I rebuilt one of the games I made for the Crappy Games Xplosion: Tank Attack. I started it… a little over 12 hours ago at the time of this writing, but I also got groceries and cooked dinner and various other things today, so I think in total I spent 4-5 hours on it. I tried not to stress about making it good, but it is pretty similar in scope to Super Tank Attack, the version I released after spending a few extra hours on it. It’s a lot harder, but “balance” wasn’t really what I was aiming for.

You can play Tank Attack (2021) online. Keyboard and mouse required.

So far the highest score I’m aware of is 730. Join us on Discord to let me know how you did! Or don’t, either way is fine.

Not sure what I’ll have to talk about next week, if anything. I’m aiming to have another tiny game to play, but we’ll see. Have a good one!